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Research Highlights - ARP/wARP

  xtal - NKI - Research Highlights - ARP/wARP ARP/wARP is a software package for macromolecular crystallography that is widely used for the improvement and objective interpretation of electron density maps and automatic construction and refinement of macromolecular models. ARP/wARP is a collection of programs that have been developed over the last decade, and implemented ideas from empirical protein crystallography, pattern recognition and other fields. ARP/wARP builds first the main chain of the protein and then 'docks' that into the protein sequence and builds the side chains.

With about 1000 academic licences and around 40 commercial licences ARP/wARP has become one of the 'industry standards' for crystallographic structure solution of macromolecules, especially with respect to the world-wide high-throughput initiatives.

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