Protein Structure and Function



Our aim is to provide understanding of structural aspects of errors in cell biology that lead to the development of cancer. Our tool is protein crystallography, the best technique for studying structure at atomic resolution. We use a combination of biochemical and biophysical techniques to help interpret our structural conclusions. In collaboration with cell biologists these data lead to better understanding of carcinogenesis. Our studies help to understand molecular mechanisms and provide a basis for drug design.

We are one of the two protein structural biology groups in the Netherlands Cancer Institute. The other group is the laboratory of Tassos Perrakis. Both groups share lab space in the division of Biochemistry on B8, in the research building of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). Our division also houses the NKI protein facility, run by Patrick Celie.

Other groups within the divsion are the functional genomics group of Thijn Brummelkamp and the bioinformatics group of Sach Mukherjee


Structural Biology                                             Titia K. Sixma

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