Structural Biology group of A. Perrakis    
A bit more about us ...
Our lab aims to understand biological processes by looking at the structures of macromolecular complexes. In particular we want to know how various enzymes utilise small protein domains to regulate their enzymatic function in space and in time. Examples of systems we study, include the NPP family phosphodiesterases, the JBP1 and TET hydroxylases, mitotic kinases, and the DNA replication license. More scientific data are available in the NKI research reports.
Our projects
ARP/wARP is our software for building macro-molecular models.
PDB_REDO is our new pet dinosaur
that is also about model building.
FoxM1 is our favourite trans-cription factor, regulated by Plk1.
Plk1 is our favorite kinase that phosphorylates FoxM1.
Geminin is an exciting inhibitor of DNA replication and has new friends.
Autotaxin is keeping us busy to understand LPA signaling.
JBP1 is a protein that binds modified DNA in parasites like Leishmania.
And there are some UV-sensitive skeletons in the cupboard.
Where we Are
At the 8th floor of the NKI, sharing it with the group of Titia Simxa and the Protein Facility.
Who we ARE
Anastassis Perrakis
Group Leader
Tatjana Heidebrecht
Research Assistant
Christophe Caillat
Post-doctoral scientist
Eleonore von Castelmur
Post-doctoral scientist
Leonie van Zeijl
Post-doctoral scientist
Krista Joosten
Post-doctoral scientist
Robbie Joosten
Post-doctoral scientist
Jens Hausmann
Pre-doctoral student
A server for Crystallization Construct Design
Most PDB structures re-refined and partially re-built.
The ARP/wARP server for model building and refinement.